Side effects of Enalapril 20 and Hydrochlorothiaside and Synthroid 88.

Q: I have been taking Enalapril 20 and Hydrochlorothiaside and Synthroid 88 for the last year. I received a notice from my Pharmacy that it may increase the risk of acute renal dysfunction in female patients over 61 years of age. I will contact my Dr. and Pharmacist however I was wondering if you have any information about this? Puzzled

A: As a natural part of aging, your kidneys slow down. Because of this, the older kidney is more prone to bad effects from drugs. The drugs you are are taking for your blood pressure can affect kidney function. You received a standard warning. I am sure your doctor checks your kidney function as part of your routine visits. For more information about aging and the kidney go to this page at the U.S. National Library of Medicine site.

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