Sharing blood pressure medication

Q: My husband has not been to a doctor for over 20+ years. He is 49. When he broke his thumb, the doctor at the hospital was more concerned with his BP than his fracture. His BP was 235/100 and then went down to 185/90. My husband was given a prescription for Lisonpril 25 mg. It has been over 5 months and he is still taking the meds but has not been to see a doctor. He has been receiving his meds from other people that take this same med. How can I get him to go to a doctor?

A: Your husband is foolish not to take care of his health. He should have been seen by a doctor within a month of starting blood pressure medication. People who are sharing their medications are not doing him a favor. Perhaps if you point out that impotence is a consequence of uncontrolled blood pressure he will be motivated to make an appointment.

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