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(From the Personal Blog of RESPeRATE User, Larry Asakura) — So I’ve been using Resperate for about two months now – it was purchased using my remaining FSA monies from last year.  I was a little skeptical at first as the device itself is VERY expensive ~$300, but I was at the “use it or lose it” stage of my remaining FSA funds so gave it a shot.

How does it work? Well the basics are that it uses meditative breathing techniques to slow your breathing down without effort. You place a sensor around your chest and listen to breathing tones through earphones and match your breathing to the “in” and “out” tones. That’s it.

At first the default session is 15 minutes and takes a couple of min to get used to the concept.
I found the hardest part to be the initialization period (the first min or two) where the device tries to recognize your breathing pattern. The pattern shows an outline of a person that fills with bars as you inhale and reduces bars as you exhale. I found that the best way to setup is to strap the sensor as instructed and then watch the breathing pattern in the device display. You should see the “in” and “out” pattern match your breathing. If there is a delay or it stays “full” with bars, you have it too tight. If you have it too lose, the bars will not “fill” the outline of the person.

The next thing I found is that 15 minutes a session (every other day) didn’t really do much for my blood pressure. At first I thought it wasn’t working but upped it to 20 minutes a session and it dropped pretty significantly (~15 systolic/5 diastolic). I’m currently at 30 minutes. I then tried to see if deviating from diet and exercise would increase my blood pressure, and to my surprise – it did increase slightly – but not to the extent before I was on Resperate. I stopped using the device for about a week and my bp increased slowly but steadily. Anyway my results may be an anomaly but hope to have more data and updates in the future with continued use.



RESPeRATE’s Response:

Many of our customers have brought up Larry’s complaint that RESPeRATE is expensive.  Please accept our response.

We are a small company dedicated to helping people to safely and effectively lower their blood pressure naturally through device-guided breathing.

Safe and effective have been guiding mantras for the company since the original concept of RESPeRATE by our Founder and Chief Scientist  Beny Gavish,  an Israeli biophysicist, 18 years ago.

In order to ensure that RESPeRATE is effective and does what we claim it does, we have spent many years developing the product and it has undergone 10 clinical trials, many of which have been published in prestigious peer reviewed medical journals.

In addition, RESPeRATE has been submitted to the US FDA and the UK National Health Service for review and evaluation.

We have FDA clearance since 2002 and most recently the UK National Health Service have recognized the benefits of RESPeRATE after a detailed review of the clinical studies and a cost benefit economic model.   The NHS determined that the cost of RESPeRATE was outweighed by the benefits of having more people in the UK with controlled blood pressure.

Ensuring that we are selling a product that is safe and effective has taken many years and has been a very costly endeavor.    Some of this cost is built in to the cost of RESPeRATE.

In addition, we have a dedicated staff of RESPeRATE specialists in New York City  who are committed  to helping all of our customers to get the most out of RESPeRATE. Our RESPeRATE Cares Program provides unlimited phone and email support  to our customers.   We are not just selling you a product, we are selling you a guaranteed way to lower your blood pressure naturally.

Finally, we know that RESPeRATE is not for everyone. Some people prefer to use other methods to control their blood pressure. Similar to medications, a small percentage of people do not respond to RESPeRATE. For those customers who do not wish to keep RESPeRATE, for any reason, we offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

We want to make RESPeRATE available to everyone who is interested in a proven non-drug way to lower blood pressure.   We are a small family company and we understand the many costs involved in daily life.   If you would like to try RESPeRATE but are concerned about the cost, please give us a call in New York at 1-877-988-9388 and speak to one of our dedicated RESPeRATE specialists.    You may qualify for special RESPeRATE pricing.


RESPeRATE Cares Team

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