Resistant hypertension

Q: For more than 21 years I have lived with a rebounding and impossible hypertension state and am now taking maximum doses of 5 variations of BP meds. BP averages 170/100 plus. And yes I have had kidney and heart angiograms and every other test doctors know to order for my resistant hypertension. We are all at wits end, can you help?

A: There is still a lot to be learned in medicine. It sounds like you are the rare individual that medicine can’t diagnose despite some very sophisticated testing. However, if you are overweight, don’t exercise, and eat mostly junk food, it would be wise to change to a healthy lifestyle. Also, talk to your doctor about trying the RESPeRATE. It has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure, has no side effects, and will not interact with any of the drugs you are currently taking.

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