Referrals for second opinion

Q: For the last 4 months, my 42 year old son’s BP has been running very high – up to 240/145. The doctors have run every test imaginable. One scan showed a small stroke but the only thing they are coming up with is that it must be stress. He did take a lot of pain medication for years which they felt, initially, was the cause. They now have him on Xanax, as well as a BP medication which they say is the strongest available. He generally needs to take three tablets, lay down for a couple of hours and then his BP goes down. However, when he gets up and moves around for a period of time it often goes right back up. I recently ordered Resperate for him. Do you have any suggestions of where he might possibly go for more evalauations?

A: It is always best to ask your doctor for a referral. This is important to make sure you go to a center that has expertise in dealing with your type of medical problem. Also getting a referral from your primary care provider can mean the difference between you having to pay for the visit or your health insurance paying. In most states, medical centers associated with medical schools are leading places to go for a second opinion in difficult cases.

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