Possible causes of high blood pressure.

Q: I am a 68 yr old female. Three yrs ago, I had a heart attack and had three stints put in. My blood pressure has always been good then suddenly it is 164/90! In May, my son, his wife and two little ones moved in with us. Could that really be the reason it has gone up?

A: You have had a heart attack and had a procedure to unclog three blood vessels in your heart. Based on this, it is fair to say the blood vessels in your body are not healthy. It is more likely the increase in your blood pressure is related to your unhealthy blood vessels, not your family. If you feel the presence of your extended family is creating constant stress, you need to work with them on ways to make their presence less stressful to you. For help with stress management go to this page at LiveYourLifeWell.org.

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