Other alternatives to stubborn high blood pressure.

Q: I have had high blood pressure for 40 years,nothing seems to help. I take Diovan 320mg [email protected],Labetalol 200mg [email protected], amlodipine 5mg [email protected], Tekturna [email protected], Inspra 50mg [email protected] and Lasix 20mg [email protected] I use Resperate every day. Every morning my pressure averages 200/85, this morning 225/95. without exercise it goes to 160/70. I exercise 6 hours a week. I’m 76,5-8″,150lbs. I’m seeing a Nephrologist. Any suggestions?

A: You are already seeing a kidney doctor, are taking medicine, exercising, have a normal weight, and use the Resperate but still aren’t in control. There are some studies to suggest that acupuncture might help. A good friend of mine is both an orthopedic surgeon and a practicing acupuncturist. He says he has a very good success rate at getting difficult to control hypertension into control. Many insurance plans cover acupuncture visits.

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