Now Available: One Versatile iPhone App to Manage Glucose, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Weight

(San Francisco Chronicle) — With the launch of the MyVirtualHealthCheck iPhone app, Chronic Care Management, Inc. enables those living with chronic disease to manage glucose, blood pressure, heart rate and weight within one versatile app.

“Unlike many apps on the market today, the MyVirtualHealthCheck application allows users to record, track and share all important physiological data,” said Michael Seringer, Vice President of Chronic Care Management, Inc. “We recognize that most people suffering from chronic disease have comorbidities and need to record and monitor all personal biometric vitals within one application.”

The MyVirtualHealthCheck iPhone app also allows users to e-mail up to a year’s worth of physiological data to health care providers, care givers and/or doctors directly from the iPhone application. This important function gives users control over personal biometric information. More importantly, this feature provides a window into personal vital data over time, instead of the rare and random data points health care providers use to make health care decisions today. The result? Better informed patients, care givers and physicians and most importantly, better health.


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