Not getting results from medications.

Q: I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure between 140 and 160. I started taking Lisinopril at 5 mg then 10 the 20. It didn’t seem to lower the BP. My doctor changed to Benicar 40mg. It also doesn’t seem to work. What could be causing me to not have results? It seems like I am getting stressed worrying about getting it down

A: Sometimes just a single drug is not effective in lowering blood pressure. You may need more than one medicine to get your high blood pressure into control. This is why some pills actually contain two medicines. Frequently the second drug is a diuretic. To read about blood pressures medicines go to this page on the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute site.

Don’t forget that life styles changes have a big impact on blood pressure. Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body. Exercise helps lower stress
and helps you live longer.

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