Natural remedies to lowering blood pressure.

Q: I havea rare type of blood pressure called NMH (neurally mediated hypotension) which causes my blood pressure to go high and then drop instantaneously to a low blood pressure–my heart specialist has me on a two combo pack of high blood pressure pills -80 mg to be exact but my naturapath tells me that 85% celery sed extract works and so does dandelion root tea and another home remedy is chamomile with lemon–do you agree that these are effective for blood pressure?

A: Neurally mediated hypotension, or low blood pressure as a result of the brain getting the wrong signal, can be difficult to treat. If you are doing well on your current medicine, no episodes of dizziness or fainting, you probably should stick with the recommendation of your cardiologist. This does not mean that natural treatments will not help, just that enough research has not been done to really know the cause of this disease or the most effective treatment.

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