More importantly, so does John Tavares, who scored a

The young guns and old hands are taking over the Canberra radio waves as HIT 104.7 came out on top in the first ratings survey to take in listening habits during the coronavirus pandemic, while Radio National breakfast presenter Fran Kelly also saw a dramatic increase in local listeners. 104.7, led by the breakfast team of Ned Breward and Josh Torney, overtook sister station MIX 106.3 to snare 20.6 per cent of the listening audience, up 4.7 percentage points on the previous survey. The ratings were measured between February 2 and March 28, meaning they took in the arrival of the coronavirus in Australia and the progressive shutdown around the nation.

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canadian goose jacket And as deep as the Leafs are at forward, losing a winger who led the team with 94 points last season and kills penalties is a major blow. Without Nazem Kadri and Patrick Marleau, the Leafs need his offence in the line up. More importantly, so does John Tavares, who scored a career best 47 goals with Marner on his wing.. canadian goose jacket

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cheap canada goose Canada Goose Online The Model Agreement has to be executed on the non judicial stamp paper. The Agreement contains clauses defining the rights and responsibility of Client vis broker/ sub broker. The documents prescribed are model formats. “At the moment the advice I have is that Canberra Health Services is pretty confident in the numbers [of ventilators] that it has, but we are continuing to look at sourcing all types of equipment that might be needed, across our health system,” Ms Stephen Smith said. There have been two confirmed cases of the virus in the ACT. Ms Stephen Smith declared the territory first ever public health emergency on Monday, giving the chief health officer special powers to take any action to keep the public safe. Canada Goose Online

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