Low arsenic levels not tied to high blood pressure

(Reuters.com) — While arsenic in water and food is a health concern, a new study suggests the levels found in most Americans are too low to raise their risk of high blood pressure.

Earlier research had linked high levels of the chemical to increased blood pressure, lung cancer and other diseases, so the new findings, reported in the journal Epidemiology, offer some reassurance.

A limitation of the study, however, is that it surveyed people at one time point, instead of following them over time to see who developed high blood pressure.

“It’s premature to say, ‘There’s no relationship, you’re safe,'” said senior researcher Dr. Ana Navas-Ancien, of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore.

And even if most Americans’ arsenic levels aren’t high enough to raise their blood pressure, there could still be other health risks, such as diabetes, she added.


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