Life expectancy of someone on medication vs someone not.

Q: I am a 33 year old male taking 10MG of lisinopril for HBP. I maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. My HBP is most likely a result of stress/anxiety. If i have my blood pressure under control with medication, diet, exercise and through stress reduction methods is my life expectancy the same as an individual not on HBP medication?

A: By keeping your blood pressure in control, you are lowering the risk of damage being down to your organs by the disease. You still have that particular risk factor. You do not have the risk factors of not exercising, eating poorly, and being overweight. Life expectancy is based on more than one risk factor. Your life expectancy is slightly lower than it would be if you did not have high blood pressure but higher than it would be if your blood pressure was not controlled. The insurance company Northwest Mutual has a fun game that will predict your life expectancy based on well known risk factors. To play go to this page on the Northwestern Mutual site.

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