Jan 22nd weekly plan

I’ve been reading about motivation and plans, and notice that sometimes we don’t actually get going, it takes a catalyst to get us going.  So here is idea, for those that are interested here is my weekly, plan to get my blood pressure down.  I use a random number generator and I pick 7 items from my list of 72, and then that is my plan for the week.

1.  Take your blood pressure  – once at roughly the same time each day. Record
2. Compute your 7 day moving average on blood pressure.
3.  See if you can drop the average measurements as the week goes on.

Good luck…. Here are the 7 items for this week.  Let me know if you trying it out.

5. Reduce to a healthy body weight – try to do 10,000+ steps this week. Loss a half a pound is my goal.!
12. Small piece of dark chocolate per day – yes!
19. Borsh Soup ( beet soup) – I’ll add some beets to my soup.
20. Get adequate sleep – to bed by 11:00 pm each night.
48. Vitamin C – one 500mg pill each day for a week.
55. Breathing through the nose – 4 times in the day for one minute each.
72. Drink less soda – Easy one — I don’t drink soda … but I’ll make a point of none this week.

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