Inadequate Treatment For Hypertension And High Cholesterol A Problem In The USA

( — Two-thirds of all US adults with hypertension (high blood pressure) and high cholesterol are not getting effective treatment, says a new report called “Vital Signs” issued by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and 80% of them have the necessary health insurance cover to do something about it.

Treatment for hypertension and high cholesterol is relatively cheap and extremely effective, the authors explained. If these two risk factors are not controlled, the patient runs a significantly higher risk of having a stroke, heart attack, and other serious diseases.

The authors wrote that the lowest rates of control are among those with either none or inadequate health insurance cover.

An 80% figure for those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol with good insurance cover is of concern, because it shows that insurance alone is not enough to control these potentially fatal conditions.

Strokes, heart attacks and other vascular diseases kill over 800,000 US people annually. Hypertension and high cholesterol are major risk factors for these diseases. 150,000 of these premature deaths occur among individuals less than 65 years of age.


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