How to keep your mind sharp in 6 simple steps

(Washington Examiner) A new government report says there’s little evidence that drugs or supplements can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. But grab those reading glasses and squint at the fine print. There’s plenty you can do to keep your gray cells sharp.

Truth is, medication and supplements don’t have a great track record for battling this heartbreaking disease. But there is evidence, as this report notes, that being active, eating healthy fats and keeping blood pressure low deliver a lot of brain-saving bang for your buck.

The report didn’t really explain why, but we will: Not all dementia is Alzheimer’s. The mental slip-ups that occur as we age are due to a combo of things, but a leading cause that gets less press but is more fixable is vascular dementia. It happens when the brain’s blood vessels get clogged or leaky. Either way, fuzzy thinking and memory lapses result because your brain cells can’t get enough oxygen and blood sugar (their favorite food).

While many people with Alzheimer’s also have some vascular dementia, the thinking problems of other seniors are largely due to blood vessel trouble that you can prevent or even reverse to a great degree by keeping arterial roadways clear.

Prevention is where to start. That means taking these (seven) steps to pamper your blood vessels:

(#5 Steady your blood pressure and your blood sugar. High blood pressure can make the blood vessels in your brain leak or even rupture. No wonder experts say blood pressure problems increase dementia risk by 50 percent. Keep your BP low (aim for 115/75) by keeping your diet healthy, your body active and your weight down. Watch your blood sugar, too. Diabetes or even a hint of it (prediabetes) eggs on dementia, possibly by making tiny arteries narrower and leakier.)

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