How DOES a hypertensive patient determine their B/P status?

Q: I suspect you’re not going to answer this, but I’ll try once again.

It’s such a simple question and I’ve never seen it properly addressed:  How DOES a hypertensive patient determine their B/P status? Assuming a good monitor and multiple readings throughout the day, the range of readings may well vary from the 120/80 region or below to 128/85 or above, depending on time of day and medication period.   So what would a reasonable target range be?    Yes, I know the answer has to be “it depends on the patient” but are there at least guidelines?    As I say, I’ve asked this of you many times so I don’t really expect an answer.  But here’s an easy question for you:  “Why not?”

A: Blood pressure varies throughout the day.  It is not constant.  However your blood pressure should stay within the normal range.  Your blood pressure should be below 140/90 whenever you take a measurement. If you are getting a blood pressure reading consistently above 139/89, you need to talk to your doctor about changing your treatment. The change could be as simple as changing when you take your medication.

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