High Blood Pressure on the Rise Among Young People

(The Herald-Dispatch) R&B singer Monica’s duet with Brandy, “The Boy is Mine,” sold more than 2 million records. But the 28-year-old never suspected her blood pressure was off the charts too! Until she passed out.

As surprising as that sounds, she’s not so unusual. Eleven percent of guys and 7 percent of gals 20-34 years old have high blood pressure. But most kids and young adults don’t know their blood pressure or even have it checked regularly. We docs think everyone 3 years and older should be tested annually.

Even when young adults are tested and turn out to have high blood pressure, only about 33 percent get treated. Seems that many doctors don’t give them the info they need about treatment (lifestyle adjustments and meds do work) and why it’s important. If untreated, HBP leads to memory loss, kidney failure, heart attack, wrinkles, sexual dysfunction and stroke.

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