Good 10 year-old consumer try going through an excellent splenectomy following the a traumatic burns off

Good 10 year-old consumer try going through an excellent splenectomy following the a traumatic burns off

A) Seafood sticks, french fries, banana, snacks, dairy B) Soil meat patty, lima kidney beans, grain move, raisins, whole milk C) Chicken nuggets, macaroni, peas, cantaloupe, milk products D) Peanut butter and you can jelly sandwich, apple slices, milk A proper response is B: Floor meats patty, lima kidney beans, wheat move, raisins, dairy 64. The customers lab abilities let you know good hemoglobin off nine g/dL and you will a beneficial hematocrit out-of twenty eight %. The best method for the nurse to use would be to An effective) Maximum whole milk and you can milk products B) Encourage bed factors and game C) Bundle breastfeeding worry as much as very long other people episodes D) Promote a diet high in iron A proper response is C: Plan nursing care as much as a long time others periods 65.

The brand new nurse planning look after a beneficial twelve season-old guy which have sickle cell state from inside the a good vaso- occlusive crisis of your shoulder ought to include which one of your following as the a top priority? A) Limitation drinks B) Customer regulated analgesia C) Cooler compresses so you can shoulder D) Inactive flexibility get it done The correct response is B: Customer controlled analgesia 66. While escort in Springfield the nurse brings launch training to the mothers off an effective fifteen month-dated boy which have Kawasaki situation. The kid has experienced immunoglobulin therapy. A) High dosages from aspirin will be proceeded for a while B) Over data recovery is anticipated contained in this a couple of days C) Effective range of flexibility training ought to be done apparently D) The fresh new measles, mumps and you will rubella vaccine would be delay A proper response is D: New measles, mumps and you may rubella vaccine will likely be delay 67.

This new nursing assistant intentions to explain best telecommunications in case there is unintentional poisoning

The fresh new nurse is providing recommendations to the parents from children having pathology fibrosis. The nursing assistant manage highlight that pancreatic enzymes is drawn An effective) After each and every day B) 3 times every day just after dinners C) With each meal or treat D) Each time carbs is eaten A correct answer is C: With each meal otherwise snack 68. The fresh new nursing assistant was examining a keen 8 month-dated baby which have a malfunctioning ventriculoperitoneal shunt. What type of your adopting the signs carry out the child become most gonna display? A) Listlessness B) Irritation C) Negative Moro D) Disheartened fontanel The correct response is B: Soreness 69. The fresh nurse is doing an actual research for the a tot. Which of one’s following the must be the basic step? A) Create harrowing tips B) Explore limited actual contact C) Go ahead of head to toe D) Give an explanation for examination in detail A correct answer is B: Have fun with minimal real get in touch with 70.

An individual has been tentatively clinically determined to have Graves’ problem (hyperthyroidism). Which of those conclusions listed on the initial breastfeeding evaluation demands quick intervention by the nurse? A) A research of ten lbs fat loss over the past month B) A feedback of the client “I just are unable to stand still. Hence serum blood findings which have diabetic ketoacidosis notification this new nurse you to quick step required? A) pH below 7. The brand new nursing assistant is preparing the latest practise arrange for a team of mothers about risks to family. Brand new nursing assistant is to propose to share with the parents to help you basic county what material are ate and exactly what suggestions should be the top priority with the parents to speak?

And therefore knowledge will be appropriate?

A) Brand new parents’ name and you may phone number B) This new currency of the immunization and you can sensitivity reputation of the little one C) The new estimated time of the unintentional toxicity and you may a verification one the mother and father provides the latest pots of taken material D) The newest impacted kid’s decades and you can lbs The correct response is D: The brand new impacted child”s age and pounds 73. A two seasons-old boy are taken to the worry provider’s office having a commander ailment of light diarrhoea for a couple of months. Health guidance by nurse should include and therefore report? A) Put the kid to the clear liquids and gelatine all day and night B) Continue the standard dieting and is oral rehydration fluids C) Promote bananas, apples, rice and toast as the accepted D) Lay NPO every day and night, then rehydrate which have milk-and-water The correct answer is B: Carry on with the standard diet and include oral rehydration drinks 74.

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