Getting Wrapped Up in Blood Pressure Goals

(by Peter) — My story is going to surprise some people, mainly because I refuse to join the chase for impossible figures which seems to become an obsession and take over people’s lives. I believe you can only go so far at which point accept that and get on with enjoying life. Four years ago when I was 60 my doctor recorded a reading of 230/120. My own reading at home was 187/117.

Using RESPeRATE and determination in six months I had it down to 152/92 – mild hypertension, yes MILD. Then, on my Doctor’s advice I went onto the usual medications. Having tried all the different drugs and finding I reacted badly each time I decided to stop them altogether in February this year. Do you know what? My blood pressure hasn’t budged an inch and I feel great. In other words the meds hardly made any difference at all. I’m still reading 152/92 and am quite happy with that.

One thing I must mention is my optician. At the beginning my doctor said I should see my optician so I did. It was very comforting when my optician examined and photographed the very tiny blood vessels in my eyes and said there was no evidence of damage caused by hypertension. It’s a yearly visit now and each time she checks things out again to see if there are any changes, there aren’t. On the last visit my eye test showed an improvement, not because my sight is improving but because, off medication, my concentration has improved.

So there we have it: do what you can but don’t get too wrapped up with impossible targets and do see your optician. Best Wishes. Peter

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