Fluctuating blood pressure after donating a kidney.

Q: 8 years ago I donated my kidney. My blood pressure went up and troublesome to control. Finally with trail and era and increasing doses of differant meds it becomes stable. Remaining kidney was not happy being alone. All was well until 6 months ago. Blood pressure again goes up. So here we go again. Different medications and increased doses. This goes on for 6 months. Now all of the sudden my blood pressure goes down and stays down. I am on no blood pressure meds at all. I changed nothing in my life style. Any idea what might be happening?

A: With a history like that, I wonder about the accuracy of your blood pressure measurements. Did you doctor just recalibrate or get new devices to measure blood pressure? You also have to think about changes in your environment. Studies have shown that smog increases blood pressure. To learn more about this go to this page at the U.S. National Library of Medicine site.

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