Fixed dose hypertension med outperforms combination treatment in study

(Chicago Tribune) — A drug recently approved by the FDA could help more than 76 million Americans who suffer from high blood pressure.

Patients who participated in the study, which compared the drug Edarbyclor to other fixed-dose drug combinations, significantly reduced their systolic blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association journal Hypertension.

Approved by the FDA in December 2011, Edarbyclor differs from other treatments by combining a receptor blocker and a diuretic in one pill, said article co-author and Downstate College of Medicine professor Dr. Michael Weber.

“Hypertension and its impact on cardiovascular health have long been studied; the goal of this particular study was to determine whether a fixed-dose combination of a well-established yet underutilized diuretic paired with a new angiotensin II receptor blocker would provide an effective option to help control hypertension,” said Weber in a press release announcing the results of the study.


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