Fear of measuring BP

Q: I take Nadolol 20 mg once a day. My BP is high when I go to the doctor all the time, 150/100. My heart rate is generally in the 60s. I am afraid to take my blood pressure at home in fear that it is high. What can I do to get my fear of ‘the machine’ so that I can track my pressure at home. Will the Resperate system help with this?

A: The RESPeRATE is very soothing to use because of the personalized music that is generated. It is cleared for sale as a stress-reduction device. Focusing on the device melody certainly could serve as a distraction while monitoring your blood pressure. In addition regular use of the device can help keep your blood pressure in control. It is a good idea to take your blood pressure 2-3 times when monitoring to get an average reading.

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