Exercise and Diet to Reduce Blood Pressure

(by Zipporah) — I was diagnosed as having stage 1 hypertension, but it was on the highest side of that stage. The doctors looked at me and said, “You are going to have to get this number down. Do you realize that high blood pressure causes strokes, etc?”

They gave me triampterine hydrochlorothyazide. It worked well for me but I hated having to take it every day. I began doing natural tests with myself because I read that a waist size over 43″ also contributes to HP.

I began by getting a gym membership and doing Spin Cycling. Some people do not like that, but I appreciated the motivation of my friends and family. By also taking a lot of salt from my diet and watching the levels of sodium on the product labels when I went grocery shopping, I began to notice my waistline was looking pretty good.

After a few months my doctor said since I was doing so well, I could get off of my medications completely. I simply thanked God for one doctor that did want me to live healthy naturally.

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