Doing Hot Yoga to Lower Blood Pressure.

Q: I have done all the right things: lost weight (over 50 lbs) excercise twice of a day. Six weeks after I started using RESPeRATE, my blood pressure dropped below 90/60. I reported it to my cardiologist and he took be off my meds (50/12 Losrtan). The was 8 weeks ago and doing fine. My questions has to do with hot yoga. Is it safe? Will it raise or lower my BP?

A: Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise. It helps lower blood pressure and has other health benefits. Yoga is part of my daily exercise routine. My concern with hot yoga is that you don’t overdo. Since you are exercising in a hot room, it is easy to get overheated and dehydrated. Think about all the stories you hear of football players getting into trouble on the first practice in the dead heat of August.

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