Do you know of any children who have used resperate?

Q: My daughter was diagnosed with Nephritic Syndrome when she was 13 months old. She will be 11 this year and takes Norvasc, Lipitor, Cozaar and Prograf for her BP. Do you know of any kids with similar problems who use RESPeRATE?

A: Personally, I do not know of any children who use the RESPeRATE. However, my colleagues have found that children like using the RESPeRATE and have good results. They lower the use time to 10 minutes instead of the 15 minutes recommended for adults. There have not been any clinical studies done with the RESPeRATE and children but use of the device has not been associated with any ill effects. You should discuss this with your child’s doctor. The manufacturers of RESPeRATE would be happy to provide the physician with clinical studies and patient discount coupons.

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