Diuretics and high blood pressure.

Q: I am taking Diovan 320 but I still get high blood pressure at various times, particularly in the morning or late in the afternoon. My doctor wanted to add a diuretic but I didn’t fill the prescription bacause they cause a loss of sodium and magnesium and it’s difficult to work knowing you need a bathroom close by. Is there any other solution? When I protested about the diuretics and suggested a new medication, I got the cold shoulder, no cooperation.

A: Try the Resperate. It has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure without side effects. Proximity to a restroom is not needed. Regular use of the Resperate may keep you from having to add another drug to lower your blood pressure. You should let your doctor know that you are not going to take the diuretic. If your doctor still fails to listen to your concerns, consider changing to another provider. There is no point agreeing with a treatment plan you have no intention of following. You are only hurting yourself.

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