How Dietary Supplements Helped With My Blood Pressure

(by Anna) I was diagnosed with very high blood pressure at the age of 53, 15 years ago. My blood pressure had always been very good prior to this. I am a dance teacher, so I keep fit and have always followed a low fat, low salt organic diet. At the time my son had become seriously mentally ill. With hindsight, I think stress had affected my blood pressure.

Over the following years I never felt well. I was always exhausted, my thinking fuzzy. I felt every day like you feel the first day you get up after a bad bout of flu. I had a terrible and constant hacking cough. I had no sparkle, no drive. I was depressed, podgy. I suffered most of the listed contra indications.  I was on Amlodipine.

My cough became so bad, that I asked my doctor to change my medications. I was put on Lisiniprol. Within 6 weeks I had difficulty in swallowing. At the time I didn’t connect it to the medication.The choking got so bad I feared it would kill me. No social life, no suppers with friends, no meals out. I was reduced to eating cereal and lightly boiled eggs. When I went to the doctor, she sent me to a specialist. Neither connected the swallowing difficulties to my medication.

For 2 years I struggled on choking and vomiting on a daily basis from still taking the Lisinopril!

My wonderful sister found out the truth. That swallowing difficulties were indeed a side effect of the blood pressure meds. When I told my doctor, she didn’t believe me! She prescribed a different medication at my insistence. Guess what? It actually had swallowing difficulties listed as a side effect !!! After a week I threw all my meds away.

I now take Olive Leaf Extract capsules and Shiiatake Mushroom Capsules, both available from health food shops. I have been doing this for 18 months. I feel wonderful, energized,  and I can eat most foods again. My BP is 123/83. The entire time I took the meds it was never this good.

I firmly believe that I now have the quality of life that I was deprived of by the blood pressure medications. It worries me to think of the poor elderley people in homes and hospitals who have difficulty in swallowing. Is the common denominator blood pressure medications , also used to treat angina?

I now have a new doctor.  I will NEVER take BP Meds again.

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