Controlling your fear to keep your BP low.

Q: My problem is that I am terrified of doctors and my blood pressure goes extremely high around them and then then start shouting and threatening me with the stroke and heart attack warnings which makes it go even higher.  At home my BP is normal.  How do I control my fear?

A: You aren’t alone.  What you are describing is known as White Coat Syndrome or White Coat hypertension.  You might want to take a friend or spouse with you on your next appointment.  Having a familiar person with you during a visit can help relieve anxiety and help you remember advice given by the doctor.  Focus on something else when your blood pressure is being taken.  One of the reasons I like the Resperate is that it trains your mind to associate music with relaxed breathing. You can use your memory of  the Resperate music to slow your breathing and relax in stressful situations.  Keep in mind that recent studies suggest that White Coat hypertension is a risk factor for developing high blood pressure later in life.  It is important for you to have your blood pressure checked regularly.

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