64! Non-Drug Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

collin_carbnoI currently have a list of 64 different suggestions (non-drug) to lower blood pressure. As part of this blog, I want to work my way through the list and give you my impressions and thoughts on this list.

My list was composed roughly in the order that I found them. Many of these points have the potential, on average, to lower blood pressure by 2 to 5 points. My idea here is that although each one might have a small effect, combination of 7 or more of them may allow for substantial reductions in blood pressure.

I tried to include only items on the list for which at least one scientific study has found evidence of an improvement in blood pressure. The advantage of having many suggested possibilities to lower blood pressure is that it provides variety in the approach. If one set of possibilities doesn’t work, you can try others.

I once read that a medical researcher suspected that there were up to about 20 different causes of high blood pressure. If so, then it isn’t surprising that some drugs and some treatments don’t work for all folks.
Each non-drug way to lower blood presure will be posted individually — so keep tuned!

Collin Carbno is an IT specialist in process improvement and methodology. He completed his bachelor degree in Mathematics and Physics in 1974, and Master’s in theoretical physics in 1977.

He has been employed for nearly 30 years in a variety of IT and process work at Saskatchewan Telecommunications. For the last two years he has also been member of a health care non-profit think thank (Medicare Decisions by Consensus) studying health care Issues in Canada and the world.

Collin’s professional work is implementing social media in our environment. So, he is deeply into blogs, announcement lists, discussion groups, wiki and the like.

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