Swollen ankles and calcium blockers.

Q: I have a history of Hypertension for many years which is well under control. I am lately suffering from swollen ankles and the only way I can control them is by wearing surgical socks. I have been told that the calcium blockers are may be responsible. Have you any suggestions please?

A: Calcium channel blockers can contribute to swollen ankles. This side effect occurs more frequently in women. Weak muscles and leaking veins in your legs may also be contributing the accumulation of fluid in your ankles. Wearing socks or hose that apply pressure to the legs and feet is standard treatment for ankle and leg swelling. You might also want to start using a foot
stool when you are siting. To learn more about leaking veins, called venous insufficiency, go to this article at the National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute website.

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