But lawmakers of both parties objected to the move

As with Linick, Trump had put Atkinson on leave rather than waiting 30 days, and told Congress only that he had lost confidence in him.But in remarks to reporters, the president clearly remained angry at Atkinson for trying to alert Congress to the whistleblower complaint about Trump’s attempt to pressure Ukraine’s leader into announcing a criminal investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.There is some precedent for one of Trump’s tactics: In 2009, President Barack Obama abruptly ousted Gerald Walpin, the inspector general of the Corporation for National and Community Service, and also put him on leave and initially told Congress only that he had lost confidence in the official.But lawmakers of both parties objected to the move amid suspicions that it was connected to Walpin’s criticism of how a political ally of Obama’s had spent an AmeriCorps grant. The Obama White House quickly sent a detailed explanation claiming that Walpin was incompetent and had behaved bizarrely and made no similar move for the rest of the administration.While administrations of both parties have periodically clashed with inspectors general, Trump’s campaign to intimidate and subjugate watchdogs to political control is without parallel.In late March, after the president signed a $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill, he issued a signing statement claiming a right to override a key safeguard: its creation of an inspector general empowered to police $500 billion in corporate bailout funds. It required the inspector to tell Congress if Treasury Department officials balked at providing information on how the money was spent.In the statement, Trump said he alone determined what information lawmakers got.

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