BP meds and adverse side effects

Q: Every blood pressure medication I have tried makes me short of breath!  From mild to very bad when exertion is made.  The only one that did not is Tekturna, and Murphy’s law, I was in the 1% that had a rash.  I have no shortness of breath if not on the BP meds.  My internist seems at a loss. What do you suggest?

A: It never hurts to get a second opinion.  Finding the right combination of medications for an individual can be difficult.  Sometimes another healthcare provider will have a useful suggestion that can help overcome a side effect.  A trial of the Resperate is also a consideration. Frequently side effects are dose related.   Regular use of the Resperate may get your pressure into well enough control so a lower dose of medication will be effective.

Please Note: RESPeRATE users – do not reduce your blood pressure medication without first consulting with your health care professional.

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