Alternative Medicine

It always fun to read about various alternative medicines, and huge pile of testimonies that many of them develop.  Of course, for every testimony that worked, we don’t really know how many tried it without any results or perhaps even negative consequences.   I remember reading that in Delphi temple in ancient Greece, there was once a many volume set containing the record cases of thousands of cures, that folks had had by sleeping in the temple over 1000 years.    Unfortunately the records were destroyed or lost but they would be very interesting to read today no doubt.  All the different names, and the various conditions that folks got help with — by sleeping in the temple, and then acting on what their dream  told them to do.

One of the most powerful and amazing things in life is perhaps the placebo effect.   Drug companies and medical companies spend millions of dollars a year, to determine if treatments actually work … because …..if either the patient or doctor think they work – they often do.  The context isn’t that the treatments don’t work … but only that they continue to work as long as patient and doctor think they will.  Indeed, in many cases the placebo effect is an order of magnitude larger than the actual effects of the treatments (drugs)  themselves.

EFT tapping,  Theta Healing,  Healing Codes, sleeping in temples, herbal medicines, and so, on and so on.  The list of alternative treatments is almost endless.  Do they work?  Who knows?  I suspect that mostly they don’t.  The problem is however, that folks are often charged for these treatments, books , instructions, and millions of dollars flow into non-productive treatments.   Are there some amongst these many that actually work or that may contain hope?  Of course, indeed, things like acupuncture were once completely alternative — and are now known to have some mainstream components. It is entirely possible that some of the others have elements of effective treatments in them too, and it also entirely likely that some of them are totally bogus.   The fact that they work for some might be just timing — they happened to get better just at the time they tried that particular treatment -( of course ever thereafter will claim its power and effect), and there seems to be something to that placebo effect.   Perhaps that law of attraction thing, we attract into our life, what we proclaim, believe, and visualize.

I know people, and you probably do too, that were on death’s door, and conventional treatments totally failed them, and then, presto — some alternative treatment seems to work.  I also know folks that tried alternative stuff, and ended up dying a lot more broke.  So, be careful in this space, but keep an open mind.

Mediation, and alternating one’s brain waves might indeed have powerful effects on blood pressure, particularly if we can reprogram how our body reacts to stressors of various sorts, whether work, or chemicals, or relationships.










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