#74. Get better sleep – A Deeper Sleep (64+ non-drug ways to lower BP).

Sleep is extremely complex and not totally understood process.  It is known that the most important part of sleep for blood pressure is the deep sleep cycle.  Roughly the human body cycles through 90 minute cycles throughout the day and night, but during the night, we naturally fall into sleep.  In the early cycles of sleep we spend more time in the deep sleep cycle.  The ability to drop into this deep sleep cycle depends on couple of factors.  The ability to totally relax, and the absence of disruptive external stimulus.  Falling to sleep for example while the neighbour having a very noisy and robust party, will probably mean that you won’t get the deep sleep you need.

Back in #20 I talked about the necessity of getting adequate sleep.  In #74 here the point is to think about de-stressing your sleep.  Putting yourself into a low anxiety state, and letting the troubles of life totally melt away before you try to go to sleep.  It is important to do this before you go to sleep. Before bed time is not the time to sort out your troubled finances, to try to resolve all those thorny relationship issues, nor is it time to dwell on the problems at work, or job concerns.  These kinds of highly emotional states, should be avoided.  High emotion movies, and high action sports also may not be the test kind of pre-bed time activity.  Some light reading,  listening to some music, a light snack, and some meditative relaxing may be in order.

I see that a lot of books warn against exercise. I found that high intensity competitive sports aren’t good, but a walk, a skate, even a jog, or some weight lifting in hour before bedtime isn’t necessarily all that bad.  Yes your heart rate may climb, you may get your body really going, but if you have sufficient time to relax and wind down afterwards, before your natural bed time it actually helps.


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