# 63. Vitamin K and Spinach. (64 non drug ways to lower blood pressure)

63. Vitamin K and Spinach.

Apparently most of us are not deficient in vitamin K, but having some in your diet is important.  It is thought that vitamin K is a power heart disease fighter.  Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, are natural sources of the K vitamin.   Also, some green teas also contain vitamin K.

I never taken vitamin K supplement, but I have found that spinach is a powerful food.  I try to have a least 3 heaping dishes of it a week.  It may be that spinach has other wonderful benefits.  Apparently spinach has been studied and it found to have some pretty good health benefits.   I like a mixture of spinach with some cottage cheese, topped with little olive oil and sprinkling of cheddar cheese.   It seems to fill you up, you don’t get hungry for hours, and it doesn’t hurt the blood pressure.


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