58. Avoid high fructose corn syrup (64 non-drug ways to lower BP)

A number of studies by various researchers are highlighting the danger of Fructose sugar. “These results suggest that excessive fructose intake may have a role in the worldwide epidemic of obesity and diabetes,” said Dr. Richard Johnson of the University of Colorado-Denver. Unfortunately, food industry is using fructose as sweetner in most packaged goods, and even table sugar is typically half Fructose. How dramatic is the impact ,

“ After two weeks, the men who received only the fructose registered increases of six millimeters in systolic blood pressure — the top reading — and about three millimeters in diastolic or the bottom reading”

Uric acid inhibits the nitric oxide in your blood vessels, and nitric oxide helps your vessels maintain their elasticity. Nitric oxide suppression leads to increases in blood pressure. Even more damaging, it was found that large quantities of fructose cause the liver to pump fats into the bloodstream that may damage arteries. Those sugar drinks, soda, juice are really bad health news. Fruit itself isn’t that bad, but drinks are typically loaded with sweetner. Also, many baked goods are loaded with fructose.

I have personally cut way back on sugar drinks, fruit drinks of all sorts. It helped lower body weight, and I feel better. Uric acid itself in the body is mostly a by-product of the breakdown of substances called purines. Purines come from a variety of foods including vegetables, red meats, sardines, etc, many of which are high quality foods. So, there seems to be a lot of conflicting information about what diet is best to avoid gout and cause of uric acid build-up. It may be that different human bodies have different processing abilities, and what is one person’s poison is fine for another. I think this new research linking fructose consumption to uric acid has been the missing key. If either gout or high blood pressure is an issue, consider cutting back on sugar, particularly fructose.  Another side of this is oxalates found in many vegetable foods that can cause kidney stones and gout. Drinking a bit more water, is one possible solution, help the kidneys flush away various compounds.

Try two weeks where you eliminate all sources of sugar from your diet, particularly fruitose sugar.  The effects on your BP may be greater than you expect.  It appears that one source may be corn syrup, whether it is solely the fructose or whether corn syrup contains something else that also causing BP problems, it is something to avoid.


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