# 51. Healthy Gut — A New Frontier (64 Non-drug ways to lower BP)

Bacteria ecosystem both on our skin and in our guts is an important part of our health.  Bacteria help us digest food, protect us against less friendly bacteria, and provide nutrients and other services to us.

To be honest, bacteria flora in the gut impacts on human health are only partial understood.  Is there a relationship between healthy gut and high blood pressure?  No one knows, but a number of doctors believe that many features of human health, are influenced by hugely by the bacteria that live in and on us.

For example, gum disease from poor oral hygiene is known to correlate with heart disease, and possibly with high blood pressure.  So, in a step to overcoming High blood pressure, I would recommend getting your dental health in order.

Next on the line, may be adjusting our bacteria flora of our gut, by feeding on the right mixtures and balances of food; not too much sugar, enough fiber, minerals, and right sources of living material & bacteria to keep our gut ecology of bacteria healthy.

I like to have a yogurt a day, and I find that a yogurt seems to have enormous ability to stave off serious hunger, and provides settling contribution to gut diet.



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