#48. Vitamin C (64 non-drug treatments for high blood pressure)

Several studies have found that vitamin C over several years does seem to slowly lower blood pressure.  It doesn’t seem to have much effect over the short term, but over years it may make a difference. I’ve studied the history of Linus Pauling promoting vitamin C as wonder drug, and life extension for cancer patients. Shortly after NCI (National Cancer Institute)  declared that Vit. C. was a bust a careful study by Japanese researchers (Morishige & Murate) found that cancer patients on Vit. C. mega doses lived more than 5 times longer than the controls.  Thus, I consider the Vit C issue still very much an open medial question.  Most of the convincing studies on Vit C effectiveness against infection and cancer involve intravenously given Vit C — which raises the question  Does oral vitamin C have much effectiveness?  And does oral Vitamin C in low doses work against colds, infections and high blood pressure?    Personally I try to eat foods that are high in natural vitamin C, and in times of illness (cold or flu) often take oral vitamin C.  It seems to help — perhaps it is Placebo effect, perhaps it is something more real.


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