#46. Eat dark grapes (64 Non-Drug ways to lower BP)

Nitric Oxide is produced by endothelial cells, and its production naturally maintains a healthy blood pressure.  So, it was with interest that researchers at Universite Louis Pasteur de Strasbourg in France found data that suggested that the polyphenols found in certain types of grapes cause these cells to produce nitric oxide.  Other studies suggest that  grape products lowers blood pressure also by limiting iron uptake.  Thus those with with low iron conditions should exercise caution in consuming large quantities of grape products.  One active ingredient of grapes is substance called resveratrol.  While it an interesting story also, this compound it thought to have anti-cancer and anti-aging properties.

I haven’t gone in for trying pill forms of resveratrol, but I certainly believe in loading up on dark purple grapes. I’m skeptical of any magic, single food or drug that cures all, but I do believe that dark grapes are an excellent food source.




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