#38. Increase calcium intake from natural sources 64 Non-Drug ways to lower BP

Some hypertensives, respond to a calcium rich diet (1200mg or more per day of Calcium in the diet) with a significant drop in BP.  It worth giving a try.    Such a diet needs to have a dairy product intake and lots of green vegetables.  I believe it takes about a week for this effect to kick in, but don’t give up until tried at least 3 weeks.   Now calcium supplements don’t count here … sorry whatever is causing the effect, appears not to work that well when from supplements alone, but needs other ingredients that occur in green vegetables, and diary products.   I keep a high component of green vegetables and yogurt, milk, and cheese in my diet, it seems to help me. It also appears that vitamin D is needed for calcium to work properly.    Cheese is an excellent source of calcium but unfortunately is often high in fat and salt.  So, in terms of the dairy products don’t rely solely on cheese side.  I recommend a cup of green vegetables each day, a 125 milliliter of yogurt, and a glass of skim milk, and small chuck of cheese (1 cm^3) as a start.





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