32. Natural statins (64 non-drug ways to lower blood pressure)

Statins primary target is lowering cholesterol but there are some indications that Statins  often lowers blood pressure as side effect.  If your under 65 years old, and particularly if you’re a male, Statins appear to be a miracle drug in terms of reduction in heart disease, and stroke.  While Statins are generally considered safe, dangerous side-effects like liver damage do occur.   This raises the question, are there any natural statins that one can get in food that are lower risk or other natural ways to lower cholesterol and blood pressure?

As one can see, a variety of foods have been proposed as having statin like effects, the most surprising to me being eggs.   The thought seems to be that low carb diet, perhaps during moderate dieting, can stimulate better cholesterol levels, raising good HDL, and lower the bad LDL cholesterol.  At interesting vitamin is Niacin  (B3), that has been shown to have excellent effects on cholesterol levels.   While B3 can be obtained from diet, generally higher levels are obtained from supplements.  These often cause nasty flushing symptoms (red skin, dry mouth, hot flash sensations) that usually pass in 10 minutes to an hour.  Should this occur to you, the secret is to reduce dosage and gradually build up intake, as the body seems to develop tolerance to the drug over time.   My doctor recommended Niacin, and I’ve found it helpful.



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