#4: Increase potassium (54! non-drug ways to lower blood pressure)

I suggest at least 2 bananas a day, at least 1 potato, and at least one other fruit ( apple, or orange). Vegetables are even more important than fruit from a nutritional point of view.

I know that some folks are hard on potatoes – thinking that people should cut them out of their diets. Some argue that potatoes can raise insulin levels and are relatively high in calories. However, I think that one must also consider the benefits of a food. On the plus side, potatoes contain important vitamins and minerals, and are an excellent source of potassium. Potassium is known to be important in the regulation of blood pressure. I happen to love potatoes, and I’ve tried to reach a compromise– instead of eating 4 or 5 potatoes at a meal I like to hold myself now to one or two medium sized potatoes (the size of one’s fist). A further advantage is that potatoes are relatively cheap, and compared to bread, I think that potatoes are a healthier choice. (I still eat bread too — but I also limit it to reasonable amounts). A potato is about 100 calories which is similar to a slice of bread. Calorie for calorie, I think that potato wins over bread.

Click here for more info about potassium to lower blood pressure (Harvard Health)

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