# 29. Slow breathing (64 Non-Drug ways to lower blood pressure)

Slow breathing works … combined with yoga and other relaxation techniques it even better. Don’t underestimate the power of Yoga for improving health.  If slow breathing works, then why bother with high priced units like Resperate?  (Actually compared to the cost of drugs, Resperate is a bargain, for most folks one can easily pay off the unit in less than year with saving in drugs.)   My experience is that I tried slow breathing before I bought Resperate and it failed for me.  My slow breathing attempts had no effect on my blood pressure, but after I bought Resperate and I learned how to do slow breathing, it now it also works.  I slow breath at work during coffee breaks, at noon hour, even when traveling on the bus. Now, although I can slow breath without the device, I still use Resperate almost every day, it just easier, and more relaxing.  In my case, I was on various high blood pressure medication, and drugs were causing me trouble, I was desperate for some solution.  Resperate helped me reduce by half my drug usage, I have recovered my investment many times over.  It certainly a  better investment that most stocks, or bonds.  What price can one put on health?

I was desperate
That is when I found Resperate.
My blood pressure was too high.
But now I don’t need to sigh.

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