#28. Have your mother breast feed you as an infant! (64 non drug ways to lower blood pressure)

Apparently, having your mother breast feed you, infers lower lifetime blood pressure.  So, you are the breast feeding stage is there anything we can learn in this?  Is milk a healthy food or not? I’ve seen articles several ways, and like most foods milk contains a plus and minus of benefits.

An option to consider using Goat’s milk as it has different properties and many folks tolerate it better. According to some sources Goat’s milk is much closer to human milk and better for humans.  Along the lines of milk, according to one study, after 1 year, fat oxidation (burning) was 20 times higher in women eating the high calcium diet compared to those in the low-calcium control group (0.10 vs. 0.06 gram per minute).   I gather that effect is not as strong in men, but still a calcium rich diet offer benefits for men.  Milk, goat’s or cow’s, contains other useful substances such as Riboflavin (B12) and this vitamin has critical roles in various energy pathways.

On still another front, soy milk has been found to have a fairly significant lowering impact on blood pressure after 3 months of consumption. I haven’t put this on my list for blood pressure because of the concerns about negative effects of substances such as phytoestrogen in soy milk. To be on the safe side, I would say that anyone in reproductive years or younger should avoid soy milk as a steady diet factor.  As an occasional treat, it probably safe enough for all people.  Lastly, fermented milk and yogarts m




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