#25 Smile (64 non-drug ways to lower bloodpressure)

Learn to smile on the inside and the outside.  Learn to smile as much as you can, when you meet people, when you talk to people, when you think of people (friend or foe).  Feel the smile in your heart.  Let it be a friendly smile.  Smile at work, smile when you are shopping, smile when you helping others, when you are being helped, when things go wrong.

I read about a man, and he was on trip, and everything that seemed could go wrong did, everyone lost their luggage, and airport was closed, their flights were delayed,  and hotel was awful, and food was worse, and weather was awful, and air conditioning broke down, and so on.  And all through this crisis, the man kept smiling.  One of the fellow travelers, she lost it she growled at him and everyone else.   But, he kept on smiling.  After she cooled down enough, she felt strongly attracted to this man that nothing could take away his smile.  No delay, no problem, no hardship seemed to break his spirit, kill his joy.  As she talked to him, she found herself smiling too, and she found herself liking him.  And more she learned about him, more attracted she became, and they began a relationship that ended in marriage.  All because of a smile.

A smile has so much power, I’m sure that it alone can defeat high blood pressure.


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