#19 Borsh Soup ( beet soup) (62 non-drug ways to reduce blood pressure)

What a complex world we live in …. who would think that rinsing your mouth with mouth wash could be contributing to high blood pressure.  It’s true, but only indirectly.  Many of the foods we eat, like greens, and beets are natural sources of Nitrates, and to be useful in the body they need to be converted to nitrites.  This effect is apparently done mostly by the bacteria in your mouth.  This also suggests that it pays to chew the food well.

Most home made soups with vegetables such as tomatoes and beets release a flood of chemicals that help lower blood pressure.  Have one bowl of soup everyday.  Beets in particular provide for nitrate, that the body converts into nitric oxide, and nitric oxide is known to be involved in the blood pressure regulation system of the body and causes relaxation of blood vessels.  The greens of beets are even more healthy with amazing variety of vitamins and minerals.

The benefit from eating or drinking beets tends to peak within an hour, and last up to 4 hours.  So, while beet juice isn’t a total solution, it is another natural item to add to the list.    I’ve tried beets and it works … definitely brings down the values for the short term for me.




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