#16 Sex and Intimacy (62 non drug ways to reduce blood pressure)

It appears that 30 minutes of sexual activity a day —  alone or ideally with an amazing faithful partner is a great blood pressure control method. A good back massage and rub down also does wonders.  One of dangers of high blood pressure and high blood pressure medication is that they sometimes interfere with sex (especially for men but also for women). On the other hand, getting your blood pressure under control is more likely to bring back diminishing function than harm it.  In a further kind of twist of irony, it appears that sexual activity may be one of the best front line defenses against high blood pressure. Could it be that a lack of sufficient quality sexual activity  is one of the hidden causes of our high levels of blood pressure across society?   Could we be too stressed out, too busy, for the adequate sexual activity that human body needs?   Sexual activity provides an amazingly a good body workout — perhaps we shouldn’t let other activities crowd it out.

The proverbial joke talks about women saying they have headache, suggesting that women have limited interest for sexual behavior.  This reminds me that many years ago in college for a paper I read about a university psychology department in conjunction with a police department study in which they tracked various prostitutes.  I remember that one 26 year old lady averaged 16 hours of sex per day, over a 3 years period, and she seemed to be enjoying herself completely.  This raised the question in minds of the researchers – just what is the capacity of women for sex, what they found is this kind of capacity is not limited to just a few rare women but covers nearly all healthy women.  Indeed in another study at the same university, the researchers coaxed couples from wide range of ages to come to especially equipped rooms for private sex play for a two week period, with play periods left open from 7:00 pm till 2:00am daily. Even though many of the women were at first reluctant to participate, the researchers discovered a strange thing, that by the second week, the women were eagerly bringing their partners, even arriving early waiting for the doors to open.  The average amount of sex play per day during the study rose rapidly from 1 hour per day at the start to over 4 hours.  By end of the study, many of the couples were using entire time period.  Even more surprising was that at the end of the two week period, over 90% of couples eagerly signed on for another 6 weeks period, and some of those couples were in their 70s!

Thus although women may be slow to become aroused, once aroused, they have enormous ability to stay aroused and interested.  Indeed it is known that the more often women have sex, the more they crave it. This behavior appears to arise because oxytocin, a calming hormone that is released by physical touching, also seems to simulate sexual interest.  While it is true that a man’s capacity for sex is more limited, this study found, men have far greater capacity for sexual interaction and performance than perhaps medical science has given them credit.  Some come on ladies and gentlemen, find a faithful partner and do it!

One word of warning, however, do not announce or put demands on your partner (male or female) for sex.  Solid peace in the home, is an even more important factor in your blood pressure control!



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