#13 Two cups of green tea a day (62 non-drug ways to reduce blood pressure)

Apparently green tea drinking lowers blood pressure.  My experimenting seemed to show that it really didn’t matter, regular tea, green tea, even herbal teas seemed to work for me.  Statistics are tricky things, but the jest from these studies below appears to be that green tea drinkers have way lower blood pressure levels.  Now, correlation is not causation, it could be those that like tea, also happen to have genetic patterns of lower blood pressure.  However, in the case of green tea, a potential action is understood as follows, green tea contains a substance named catechin. It inhibits the action of ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzymen).  Our blood has angiotensin which is transformed to angiotensin I under the influence of enzyme renin in the kidneys. Then an enzyme ACE transforms angiotensin I to angiotensin II, which is a powerful vascular constrictor which raises blood pressure. So, green tea appears to be a natural ACE drug, one of the common classes of blood pressure lowering drugs.  So, if you love tea, here’s another one for your arsenal.

You might notice that my list has grown to 62 different ideas.






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