#12 A small piece of dark chocolate every day (54! non drug ways to lower your bloodpressure)

Why is it most of the time the medicine we need tastes terrible?  Wouldn’t it be amazing, if just for once it was actually something we tend to love to eat?

It turns out that a piece of dark chocolate has health benefits and for a chocolate lover like myself this is great news.  Now, it appears the chocolate has to be dark so look for ones with at least 70 percent cocoa solids.  

At first, I did not like this real dark chocolate as well, but now I actually like it better than regular milk chocolate.  I believe the secret is not to get carried away – eat only a small amount.  I like to have a small piece of dark chocolate every day (about 20 calories), and it is a kind of little treat I enjoy. A whole chocolate bar with its 200 plus calories load is definitely a poor idea.  With a tiny piece one doesn’t need to feel guilty — after all it good for my blood pressure!  

Did it lower my blood pressure?  It seemed to, although perhaps the benefit was more psychological and had less to do with all the plant flavonoids.  Regardless, gods live forever don’t they, maybe chocolate, “food of the gods”, was their secret.


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